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Anne Londez

#124051 Green Coral focal bead

#124051 Green Coral focal bead

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#124054 - Green Coral focal bead
BIN 65$
Shell-like Coral focal bead in a bright shade of apple green. The bead curves on itself so that both the rock-like outer layer and the green inner layer are visible at the same time. Thie bead is closed, meaning that both sides touch. That means you can use a thicker cord to string it. I list the smaller part of the hole but it will fit a larger cord.
Measurements are on the image.

FB GMWM Jan 27-28 2024

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Anne Londez Verre

Atelier de verre filé et soufflé au chalumeau à Lausanne, Suisse. Artisan d'art made in Switzerland.